1940 Chris Craft Runabout

1940 Chris Craft Runabout $49,000.00

I wanted a classic boat that would work when I turned the key.

I didn't want a 1940 engine that I couldn't get parts for.

This boat has been built using the original Chris Craft plans.

Each piece of hardware was cast from an original Chris Craft piece.

I have been told by more than one collector that there are 3 ways to tell this is not an original. #1 Open the engine hatch and see a freshwater cooled V8 rather than a flat head 4. #2 There is a very slight V at the stern on the bottom of the hull (only visible if on the trailer) that allows the boat to turn better.

The old Chris Crafts had flat bottoms and did not turn as well as this boat. #3 The condition and quality of the mahogany is very superior to the original.

Brand new mahogany looks better than 60 year old wood.

Other than the three items (above) this boat looks like the real thing-except better.

This is a phenomenal boat ready to turn the key and go. 2004 19