1987 Grand Craft Sport

1987 Grand Craft Sport $45,000.00

full gauges, spotlight, bilge pump, tee nee single axle trailer, seats 6, leather seats, anchor, snap down tarp cover, magnificient shape, 40 gal fuel capacity, 1 marine battery, To begin with, here's a little company history.

Grand-Craft was started by Steve Nordhuis in 1979.

His intention was to build just three (3) boats, sell two (2) of them and keep the third one for himself.

The first boat was sold before it was finished and orders started to come in!

Chris Smith, grandson of the founder of the Chris Craft Corporation, was involved in the design and lofting of the first three Grand-Craft models.

These first three models were: (1) a 1930, 24-foot triple-cockpit runabout, (2) a 1932, 27-foot triple-cockpit runabout and (3) a 23-foot open boat called the Tahoe.

In 1984, Mr. Sligh purchased the company.

Grand-Craft currently offers seventeen (17) different models ranging from 20 to 40 feet, and all design work is done in-house.

Grand-Craft melds state-of-the-art woodworking techniques with Old World craftsmanship; modern performance technologies with traditional styling.

Each Grand-Craft requires thousands of man-hours; a month or longer just in the finishing room.

More craftsmanship and attention to detail per running foot than virtually any other watercraft made today.

Grand-Craft employs a cold molding process that uses