1974 Marconi European Sloop

1974 Marconi European Sloop $50,000.00

LATEST UPDATE 11/27/07:Hull, bottom, and topside have been re-painted and look sexier than ever!

Reasonable offers will be seriously considered! …Built in 1974 in the Balaton Ganz Shipyard of Hungary, this lovely vessel combines function and beauty in ways usually seen only in larger yachts.: With a fully enclosed cockpit that is more like a spare room, lounging and sailing are done in maximum comfort.

You are able to run air conditioning and refrigeration off of the inverter for as long as you like with the engine running, and then approximately 8 hours a/c on battery power alone.

Food stays cold for a surprising length of time due to the 4" C.C Polyurethane insulation.

The galley is equipped with a deep well sink, new and unused propane stove, and many easily reached storage areas.

Moving forward, you have a very comfortable salon with tv/dvd, 6 speaker stereo, cushions made of foam, and as you can see by the photos, hand laid teak that is simply stunning.

All cupboards are equipped with lights inside, this is practical all the time, and provides ambience and glow in the evening.

We call it the head area only because the term "bathroom" is not very nautical!

But as you can see, there is an unusual amount of space and storage under the sink, and opposite the head.

Combine that with enough space for taking a shower without sitting on the head and you have luxury not seen in a boat this size.

Sleeping in the forepeak is a true delight, with recessed reading lights on both the port and starboard sides, and all 7 storage areas that have their own lights on the inside, more ambience.

There are two overhead hatches, for light and fresh air.

And the closed cell matresses provide a comfortable nights sleep.

We have loved this boat for many years, and while it's sad for us, we must move on.

If you need more information on her origins, we have tried via email to contact the Balaton Ganz shipyard in Hungary, but have yet to receive a response, hopefully BIN or best offer winner will have better connections in Europe.


Complete rebuild:bearings,seals,pistons rings,ect.

Engine sand blasted, zinc chromate, 545 then Awlgrip Compression release.

Manual crank start . 3/4" tru-hull to ball valve to 11/2" quart strainer(groco) 11/4" c.c. polyurethane foam with a lead liner and a mylar face sound insultion.

Transmission shaft coupler-tention release type Drive shaft housing has 2 grease nipples and a pressure plate packing system Muffler lift system.

Shelving all round engine(batteries & tools). 3" in and out ventilation duct and cowls (not installed) Morse controls.

Shut off.

FUEL: 35 gallon aluminum baffeled.

Racor 15gph strainer seperator.

Fuel tank in cradle no full contact with solid surface for corrosion, primed with zinc chromate and painted with Awlgrip COCKPIT FROM ENGINE: Oil press temp. volt rpm. 3 position Cole Hersey Start. 2 spare FRESH WATER: Regulated shore supply, not to exceed the bilge pump rating Saddle tanks appr. 25-30 gallons each.

Primed with interlux 2000 removable lid with inspection ports baffled. 3ball valves control preasure regulated 12v Shureflow pump to accumulator.

Water heater pressure release, temp control.

Seaward-6gallon marine grade 115v Pressure release,temp control Engine heated STEERING: Hydraulic(Hynautic) with original tiller as emergency.

Both at the same station. 12v wireing in place for auto pilot/ and intake and exit ports for hydraulic pilot motor.

AIR CONDITIONING: 1200 BTU self contained.

Cal pump being fed by 3/4" Perko strainer from 3/4" ballvalve.

REFRIGERATION: 4" C.C polyurethane. 2 part epoxy inside (primed and painted) Wrapped by