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1950 Custom Daysailer

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1950 Custom Daysailer1950 Custom Daysailer1950 Custom Daysailer1950 Custom Daysailer1950 Custom Daysailer
3 sails including spinnaker and pole, single axle trailer, 3rd owner, trapeze with harness, rotating mast.

The hull was originally glassed in polyester resin, which was the technology of the time.

The original hull bottom and deck were completely removed, a new mahogany stem and keelson were scarfed in where the old pieces were rotten or the integrity was suspect. 11 mm.

Douglass fir 5 ply, sheathed with fiberglass and Mass epoxy was applied to the hull bottom, and 6mm 3 ply was applied to the deck again sheathed with glass and epoxy.

The centerboard trunk is completely new (5 ply Douglass fir) sheathed within with glass and epoxy.

The centerboard is aluminium 6000 series machined to a foil shape. the rudder swivels up for beaching and is also aluminium.

The hull shape makes for a very stable platform, and a 200 lbs. person can walk the deck without the slightest fear of capsize.

It is also a very stable sailer, so that in moderate winds, and, even in higher winds with a skilled helmsman, can be single handed with confidence.

All controls lead to the helm station.

This is a planing hull.

The previous owner has stated that under the right conditions, this boat will outrun a 14' aluminium boat equipped with a 9.9 hp engine.

I have witnessed speeds that put the stern wave 8-10 feet behind the boat.

This can be a fast boat, but yet is also a sedate family daysailer in moderate wind conditions.

The trailer has new leaf springs, and on two occasions, has made 400 km (250 mile) round trips to different bodies of water.

The boat has been stored indoors every off season since rebuilt, and the hull interior surfaces have received a wood preservative treatment every season.

There is also a cover that works with the mast raised or lowered for trailering.

A trailer winch makes retrieval from the water practically effortless.

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Engine Count:None
Engine Hours:
Hull Material:Wood
Draft: 6"
Condition:Very Good

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